Family Owned and Operated
We believe in the importance of family and community. Mulberry Market is managed by the seven Hamdan brothers and their father who’s spent nearly 50 years in the grocery business.

The Hamdans opened Mulberry Market in February 2020 after three years of renovations and upgrades that brought new life to NOLITA’s most convenient supermarket. With self-checkout, online ordering, and an attentive staff, the Hamdan brothers are committed to a blend of technology and personal service. Mulberry Market is ready for the modern age and the safety concerns brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.
Origin of Hope
Nayef, or Baba as his boys call him, is a family man who built his business with hard work and a soft touch.

Arriving in New York City in the summer of 1962 at the age of 18, Nayef Hamdan brought with him the work ethic and interpersonal skills needed to make a better life for himself and to create opportunities for his family.
Father & Sons

Hard Work & Opportunity

Nayef’s sons have followed in their father’s footsteps. They spent their early years working learning the importance of customer communication and hard work. After graduating college, they saw an opportunity to bring the signature Hamdan charm and quality to New York City in new ways.

Mulberry Market & The Hamdan Way

Mulberry Market is, at its core, a response to the needs of the neighborhood. Community communication has been at the center of every decision since the stores inception, guided by the creed of the Hamdan clan: hard work and a soft touch bring joy and happiness to all.